The Qu’ran is the greatest miracle of Prophet Muhammad. It is not a scripture that was authored by Prophet Muhammad or Angel Jibreel (Gabriel).  The Qu’ran is the most special revelation  from Allah to mankind conveying His orders and prohibitions, wisdom, and many other beneficial knowledge. Many Arab poets and linguists embraced Islam because of the eloquence and astonishing style of the Qu’ran. Prophet Muhammad was not a poet, but He challenged all the poets and linguists to come with anything like the Qu’ran. They couldn’t; this proved the truthfulness of Prophet Muhammad’s message. The Qu’ran  has many benefits; it is used as a medicine and cures by Allah’s will. The Qu’ran contains verses read when encountered with fear, depression, and many other cases. The Qu’ran is read for the dead Muslims, and this helps them by Allah’s will. It helps relieve some bad Muslims of some of their suffering, and helps raise the rank of the other Muslims who died in the state of piety.

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